BI/OND at International MicroNanoConference

BI/OND at International MicroNanoConference

This week the BI/OND team attended the International MicroNanoConference.

The International MicroNanoConference is an international event that brings together every year academia, industry, researchers, engineers and policymakers to discuss the latest developments. The conference spans basic research, engineering science, technology, equipment and instrumentation. The main topics of this year’s event were: Microfluidics & Analytical Systems, Fabrication & Characterization at the Nanoscale and Organ-on-Chip: a perfect match with BI/OND’s offer.

BI/OND participated at this event with its booth. For the first time, we had the opportunity to present our business and our products to the rest of the world. During the conference, we had the chance to talk with possible customers, technological partners and venture capitalists. We received exciting and important feedback that will help us in the upcoming months and years.

During the conference, our team had also the chance to attend stimulating talks, pitches and workshops that gave us eye-opening insights into the Organ-on-Chip field.