A smart well-plate that complements our chips to nourish, stimulate and monitor complex 3D tissues.

comPLATE by Bi/ond

Experience effortless control over our inCHIPit ™ and MUSbit ™ with the comPLATE ™ interface. Designed to seamlessly support the various capabilities of our chips, the comPLATE ™ simplifies and streamlines your research processes.

ComPLATE ™ is a smart, compact and reusable well-plate designed to house inCHIPit™ and MUSbit™ for the cultivations of complex tissues. It consists of a black 6-wells bottom plate, a transparent top plate that covers the chip and a white fixation ring.

The single flow top plate has an opening on top for pipetting into the chip well and a lid to cover it, as well as two inlets for connecting to a pump.

The double flow top plate, on the other hand, has four in- and outlets to which one or more channels of a pump can be connected and no top opening or lid. This versatile system is compatible with different perfusion systems, such as syringe or peristaltic pumps, and can be used with minimal training.

It is one plate that has many functionalities thanks to its plug-and-play modules:

- Provides optimal closed environment for tissue cultures on chip

- Supports single or double perfusion

- Allows mechanical stimulation

- Is compatible with different microscopes for imaging

With its plug-and-play modules, you can gradually add functionalities as you gain experience and expand your requirements. From process analyses (such as cell morphology, viability, medium analysis) to end assays (for instance histology, qPCR, protein analysis, fixate cells, staining) the ComPLATE™ is the ultimate tool for your tissue culture needs.


comPLATE 3D reconstruction from top
comPLATE 3D reconstruction
Sketch of comPLATE functioning

Microfluidic system

The ComPLATE™, our compact and reusable interface, supports two different top plates for supplying the culture on our chips with media or other fluidics. These are the single flow top plate and the double flow top plate.

The single flow top plate has one inlet and one outlet that allows for a flow of media in and out of the microfluidic channel underneath the membrane.

The double flow top plate has two inlets and two outlets, positioned perpendicular to each other. One set of inlets and outlets provides fluid in and out of the microfluidic channel, while the other set feeds in and out of the top well above the membrane.

A pneumatic system is a crucial component for establishing a continuous flow of media on our chips in the ComPLATE ™. The chips can be connected to the pneumatic system either independently to the pump or in a series configuration to connect multiple organ systems together. Our team can provide guidance on the compatibility of your existing pump with the desired setup or recommend a pump that is best suited for your needs.


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