The only microfluidic chip which, paired with our comPLATE™, allows for studying (heart)muscle tissue.


Discover the future of (heart) muscle research with the MUSbit™ - the only microfluidic muscle-on-chip available. Ideal for culturing both cardiac and skeletal muscle tissue, the MUSbit™ allows you to delve into the intricacies of muscle physiology, explore the effects of drug candidates on skeletal diseases, and advance your research in unprecedented ways.

The MUSbit™ is a unique chip that integrates an oval-shaped open well with two pillars and an underlying microfluidic channel, linked with each other through a porous membrane.

Between the two pillars, muscle cells can be seeded and stimulated to grow by mechanical and electrical stimuli. The underlying channel can serve as a perfusable blood vessel that constantly provides oxygen and nutrients to the muscle tissue and can also be used for administering drugs and other substances.

The open well allows for direct access to the 3D tissue from the top and for imaging through its optically transparent window on the bottom.

Together with our comPLATE™ interface, the MUSbit™ offers a complete, safe and user-friendly solution for muscle tissue cultivation.



The table below shows the dimensions of the MUSbit™  1 channel. Customization of these dimensions is possible, please contact us for further information. 

POSTER: Stimulating 3D Skeletal Muscle Microtissues in a Novel
Perfusable Microphysiological System with Integrated Electrodes

If you want to discover how we have managed to successfully culture skeletal muscle cells

on our MUSbit™ platform to generate 3D skeletal muscle microtissue, download this resource now.

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