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Different ECM for Organ on Chip models

Who we are?
Bi/ond is a fresh and innovative biotech start-up working every day at bridging the biological world with microelectronics’ power. Bi/ond has developed a microchip that nourishes, stimulates, and monitors cells to study how human cells and tissues react to medicines. We are an international team with a mission to bring diversity to biological studies and pave the way toward personalized medical treatments.

Your responsibilities:

• You will be part of the model development team responsible for fine-tuning the characteristics of ECM to have optimum 3D culture conditions for reproducible and consistent skeletal/ cardiac muscles models at BIOND’s biological lab. This means you like experimental and characterization roles and is motivated to learn from the technology. Your activities include, but are not limited to:

• Testing different natural and synthetic extracellular matrices for organ-on-chip application in 3D cardiac and skeletal muscle models
• Troubleshooting any practical issues within the setup
• Comparing the ECM in static vs dynamic flow conditions

Position requirements:

• Pursuing master’s in molecular biology, biotechnology or relevant field; with an affinity towards experimentation and characterization (a must); currently in their final year
• You preferably have experience or knowledge of cell culture, 3D cell culture, molecular biology, or a relevant field or are eager to learn about it;
• Pragmatic personality with good communication skills;
• Available for preferably 6-9 months;
• You can work as a full member of the team for at least 3-5 days a week.

This is what we offer

You will be actively involved in the model development team within BIOND. With support from the cell biologists at BIOND, you will characterize different extracellular matrices (ECM) for the setup of 3D culture models in static and under flow conditions. The project revolves around exploring animal-free synthetic ECM alternatives for 3D models, comparing them to natural ECMs, and having a robust protocol for different applications using the inCHIPitTM/MusBITTM. All experiments involving cell culture/handling or imaging will be performed at BI/OND labs and TuDelft Microscopy Facilities. In this project, you will have the chance to work closely not only with our team of biologists but also with our microelectronics and mechanical engineering team.

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