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Bi/ond is a fresh and innovative biotech start-up working every day to build a bridge between biology and engineering. Bi/ond develops Organ-on-Chip systems: engineered microchips on which human cells and tissues can be grown, nourished and analyzed. These microphysiological 3D systems can be used to study how tissues respond to medicines in vitro and have the potential to replace animal models in pre-clinical studies. By developing these innovative Organ-on-Chip models, the Bi/ond team aims to bring diversity to biological studies and pave the way toward personalized medical treatments. 

Internship - Delft

What do we offer?


You will work closely together with other biologists at Bi/ond, learning how to grow cells into organoids: small self-organized 3D tissue cultures that mimic a human organ. These 3D tissues are cultured on our proprietary microchips, the inCHIPit and MUSbit, allowing us to recreate key aspects of human organs, such as muscle contraction, tissue interactions and blood circulation. Depending on the needs of the company your project may involve culturing various primary cells or cell lines, testing and characterizing different extracellular matrices (ECM) for the setup of 3D culture models, growing endothelial cells in static and under flow conditions, etc. 

At Bi/ond you will have the chance to work closely not only with our team of biologists but also with our microelectronics and mechanical engineering team. All experiments will be performed at the Bi/ond lab on the TU Delft Campus. 

Your responsibilities:

You will be part of the team responsible for developing the 3D skeletal/ cardiac muscle models in Bi/ond’s Organ-on-Chip systems. Your activities may include: 

  • Cell culture of primary and/or immortalized mammalian cell lines 
  • Imaging of developing 3D tissues 
  • Setting up microfluidic experiments with endothelial cells 
  • To design, plan and execute experiments (with support from the biological team) 
  • To contribute to optimization of methods and protocols 
  • To analyze experiments and report these in a lab journal 

Position requirements 


  • Graduate or Master’s student in life sciences, biomedical sciences, molecular biology, biotechnology or other relevant field with previous work experience (academia or industry) 
  • You have experience with mammalian cell culture (a must) 
  • Good knowledge of spoken and written English 
  • Available for preferably 6-9 months (5 days per week) 

Do you want to be a part of the Bi/ond team?

We have several positions available and we are looking forward to receiving your motivation letter and CV. If you are interested or have any questions, please contact Marieke Aarts via 

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