Study new drug candidates with the only vascularized muscle microtissue with the MUSbit™.

The MUSbit™, in combination with the comPLATE™, allows you to obtain a highly predictive model, which finally takes in consideration the effect of the blood vessels while testing drugs with muscle tissues.

The MUSbit™ allows you to generate muscle microtissues for efficacy, toxicity, testing the effect of drugs on force and rate of contraction.

You can combine the 3D muscle microtissue with blood vessels to mimic the physiological vascularization of the tissue and drug administration through the endothelial barrier.

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Applications on the heart

• Develop physiologically relevant cardiovascular models by combining the muscle microtissues and perfusable blood vessels.

• With the MUSbit™, you can aim at the optimal cell maturation by mechanically and electrically stimulating the tissues.

• Understand the effect new medicines may have on the heart.

Inside the MUSbit™

Cardiac/skeletal microtissues are anchored to two pillars. Directly underneath the tissue, a perfusable 3D blood vessel can be recreated in a microfluidic channel.

This can be used to vascularize the muscle tissue, and to mimic drug administration through the endothelial barrier.

Force and duration of a spontaneous beat of the tissue can be obtained from the video recording.

The stiffness of the pillars was designed to generate highly aligned muscle tissues.

Bi/ond seamlessly integrated microelectrodes close to the tissue, to monitor the electrophysiological activity of the tissue, and to provide electrical stimulations to pace the muscle bundle.

“We chose BI/OND products to combine vascular flow with stem cell-derived heart tissue such that they are close together as in a real heart. What I like the most is the beautiful design of their products.”
Prof. Christine Mummery
Chair of the Department of Anatomy and Embryology at Leiden University Medical Center

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