BI/OND empowers biologists with hardware solutions for cell-based assays.

BI/OND’s customizable Organ-on-Chips (OOCs) are built to outperform the limitation of standard in vitro assays. In the early phase of drug testing, petri dishes and animals can fall short of predicting what happens inside the human body.  To achieve accurate disease models and thus better medicine, it is fundamental to recreate human physiology and pathology. BI/OND offers unique hardware solutions for OOC applications that can be used to achieve this goal.

BI/OND’s  products are based on silicon, the same material that the “brain” of your computer or phone is made of. The combination of silicon with polymers, know-how developed over the past 5 years, makes our platform unique and extremely versatile for OOC applications.  In fact, through our advanced and customizable solutions, we reproduce dynamic cell environments for biologists that demand nothing less. Moreover, our young and enthusiastic team is here to develop and experiment with new technologies together with our customers.


We as engineers constantly research and develop hardware solutions to help you, biologist, to concentrate on what you do best.

Porous Membranes

This customizable porous membrane can be adapted to existing Lab-on-Chip or Organ-on-Chip devices. This product stands out for its wide application scope due to its fully controlled and extended porosity, porous sizes and surface area. You can easily include our membranes in your device to investigate phenomena such as tissue differentiation, tissue organization and to artificially recreate barriers in cell co-cultures.

This product is fully compatible with optical microscopy and has previously been tested by effectively culturing on them different cell lines e.g. HUVECs, VICs, SMCs, hiPSCs-derived Cardiomyocytes.

Microfluidic Device

This product is a dynamic cells culture environment optimized for your Organ-on-Chip and Lab-on-Chip applications. This device allows you to say goodbye to traditional static culturing methods and take complete control of the conditions of your in-vitro tests.

BI/OND’s microfluidic device consists of a network of micro-channels located right under an open well. These two elements are separated by our highly-customizable membranes. You will receive the chips already ready to be used so you do not need to worry about it! You can seed your cells in the channels and the well in order to obtain the desired co-culture.

The wells are compatible with 2D and 3D tissues and cell cultures and can be easily accessed with standard pipetting techniques. Moreover, you can connect the chips to your pump in order to apply the desired fluids (liquids or gases) in the channel network. The cell culture inside the chip can be easily monitored with optical and fluorescence microscopy.