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Bi/ond was founded to empower biological innovations through the use of engineered microchips. Our intimate working relationship with biologists helped realize the supportive role engineering can play in generating reproducible and accurate biological models.

This is how we built a bridge between biology and engineering - through the combination of our in-depth knowledge of microelectronics and experience with biological solutions

We provide tools to some of the top European hospitals and collaborate with a myriad of technical institutes and research centers.

Every person is unique, and our medicines should reflect that as well. The Bi/ond team aims to make this reality possible by developing a lab technology for more accurate drug testing and simulations of any tissue type.

dr. Cinzia Silvestri

CEO and co-founder

“Progress is more than just innovation”

Cinzia has a doctorate in microelectronics and an entrepreneurial mindset.

She has over six years of experience in research focused on nanomaterials, silicon microfabrication and applications in biotechnology. 

During her experience in academia, she realized that her mission is to shorten the distance between academics and industry.

Cinzia strongly believes that a new set of role models in science are needed, this is why she built up a diverse and multidisciplinary team to address the big challenges in the Organ-on-Chip field.

Her interest in making an impact led her to walk on a few stages, especially to show the importance of gender balance in STEM.

This approach brought her to be nominated as Inspiring 50 Italy for 2019.

Thanks to her vision, BI/OND has been included in the Fund Right Initiative both as women-lead company as well as diversity in the team.

dr. Nikolas Gaio

CTO and co-founder

“Pragmatically and realistically, a future without animal testing is possible”

Nikolas has a PhD in Microelectronics and a MSc in biomedical engineering. Together with the Bi/ond team, he is working to bridge the gap between microelectronics and biology.

He aims at demolishing the communication barriers between researchers in these two fields, by supporting their research, not only with lab tools, but also with experienced advice.

Nikolas is currently in charge of several pilot projects and is providing each group with tailored services to unlock the potential of their research.

Thanks to his passion to reduce and replace animals in drug testing, Bi/ond is included in the Animal-Free Innovations list 2019, an initiative defined by the Dutch TPI Initiative (Transition Program for Innovation without the use of animals).

dr. William F. G. Solano

CSO and co-founder

“Science is the most powerful tool to overcome our customers’ challenges”

William is one of the founders and inventor of Bi/ond. He also holds a position as Adjunct Professor at Costa Rica University; he supports universities and research centers gathering data while publishing results obtained with the Bi/ond device. 

With seven years of experience in micro-fabrication and microfluidics, William is in charge of working with customers to find optimal parameters to obtain the best physiologically relevant environment for their cells.

His passion for data and science makes him the right person to supervise the characterization and testing of devices, and he will do everything to deliver a reliable product.

Amr Othman​

Field Applications Scientist

“It is time to spare patients from non-effective treatments with accurately predictive Organ-on-Chip models”

Amr gained experience working as a community, hospital and clinical pharmacist for three years before doing his master’s in biomedical research and joining our team.

Thanks to his direct contact with industry and hospitals and research experience in in vitro modelling, Amr is now prepared to support BI/OND with in-depth knowledge about in-house biological testing and technical requirements to make each model more realistic.

He is passionate and driven by the potential of Organ-On-Chip to serve as personalized drug testing platforms, thereby increasing the drugs success rate and reducing animal testing.

For many people all this would be too ambitious, this is why we chose Amr to be in charge of it!

Luis Fernando Barros

Business Developer

“The greatest investment opportunities lie in the overlap between innovation and societal impact of technology”

Luis is an incoming Master’s student in Business Analytics at Erasmus University Rotterdam. Furthermore, he is the Chairman of “Bullseye International”, an investment group part of the B&R Beurs Association, the largest student investment society in the Benelux.

Passionate about entrepreneurship, finance and data analytics, he aims to provide Bi/ond with business insights to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage in the Organ-on-Chip industry. Luis is mostly involved in strategic decision making and takes part in communication and marketing-oriented activities. Further, he assists with financial planning and attracting private investments.

Lonneke Walraven-Odijk

Financial Controller

“BI/OND aims to do good for mankind and has a product with a lot of potential to have a great societal value and impact. That’s where I feel at home”.

Lonneke takes care of setting up the administration and make reports available in a way everyone can easily understand them, and make sure that all information get updated with just one click.

She will be implementing internal processes as lean as possible to make sure there are no unnecessary steps.

Lonneke has been working within the field of project administration in research-oriented companies for 12 years.

She gained lots of experience with implementing, testing and adjusting administration software which also met the reporting requirements for the European and regionally funded projects. She also built management-requested reports from scratch.

Lonneke joined BI/OND because she is really more of a science-girl, indeed she feels at home there where’s research being done and the aim is to improve the world for the better.

Anish Ballal

Mechanical Engineer

“Innovation is my passion and engineering is my profession”.

Anish Ballal holds a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Twente, Enschede. He is passionate about designing innovative and feasible solutions and validating them to meet the customer based requirements. He brings in 2 years of experience and expertise with mechanical design and testing for high tech consumer and biomedical based solutions.

Anish believes in cultivating relationships with stakeholders and motivating colleagues to implement complex solutions. Following his motivation in working towards bridging down research and science based ideas into engineering solutions, Anish joined BI/OND in 2020 to support the development of a platform for accurate and effective drug based testing solution for patients.

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