Bi/ond platform is versatile, as it is qualified for culturing complex 3D tissues (organoids, ex vivo tissue, spheroids, microtissues) as well as for tissue-tissue interface models


- Extend ex-vivo tissues lifetime
-Easy sample loading and unloading
- Collect tissue transudate
- Compatible with chemotherapies


- Easily achieved microfluidic culture of organoid tissues
- Longitudinal testing made easy with microscope compatible devices
- Perform test in parallel or in series
- Easily recover your organoids for post-culture assays


- Simply seed the cells in the microfluidic channel in a single injection step
- Easily access the cell culture via the open well
- Nourish and stimulate your cell culture with physiologically relevant fluid flows
- Analyse your co-culture with fluorescence and confocal imaging

Biological Assays

1. Morphology 
2. Proliferation
3. Apoptosis
4. Chemotherapy response
5. Long-term culture up to 14 days
6. Outflow exosome analysis
7. Gene expression analysis
8. Next generation mRNA sequencing
9. Immunostaining

1. Morphology 
2. Viability
3. Drug Response
4. Long-term culture up to 1 month
5. Protein expression analysis western blot and Immunostaining

1. Morphology 
2. Viability
3. Co-culture
4. Tissue stretching
5. Muscle cell pacing
6. Analysis of muscle contraction
7. Cell Differentiation
8. Barrier formation assay

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