Empowering biological innovation by engineering microchips through nourishing, stimulating and monitoring cells

Revolutionary Cell Research Technology from Bi/ond

We are all different in unique ways, yet modern treatments ignore an individual’s genetic variation.

By combining our biological expertise and capabilities and our engineering background, Bi/ond aims at improving medical treatment of millions of patients by providing innovative hardware solutions for enabling biomedical research, which reflects our natural diversity. With such an objective in mind,  this biotechnology startup provides tools to some of the top European hospitals and collaborates with a myriad of technical institutes and research centers to help them advance in their biotech research.

Bi/ond is also committed to the 3Rs –  replace, reduce, refine – guiding principles of animal use in science. Through the use of our technology, we also empower organizations with valid alternatives to the use of animals in testing, aiming for a future where animal free research is a reality. 

Recreating human organs on a chip

The microchips built by Bi/ond recreate key aspects of human organs, such as the beating of a heart, tissue interactions and blood circulation.

Our products are designed to aid researchers and scientists in their studies and to assist pharmaceutical and biotech companies (either directly or through CROs) in drug discovery and development.  

Our Products - cell research technology that empowers biological innovation

Cutting-edge cell environments for biologists that demand nothing less than the best from our product and our team.


An organ-on-chip solution which, in combination with our comPLATE™, can nourish, stimulate and monitor complex 3D tissues.


The only microfluidic chip which, paired with our comPLATE™, allows for studying (heart)muscle tissue.


A smart well-plate that complements our chips to nourish, stimulate and monitor complex 3D tissues.

Applications of our organ on chip solutions for your complex 3D model research

We develop a versatile organ-on-chip platform meant for complex 3D tissue (organoids, ex vivo tissue, spheroids, microtissues) cultivation as well as tissue-tissue interface models.

Muscle Bundle contraction black/white

(Heart & Skeletal) muscle

The MUSbit™, in combination with the comPLATE™, presents a revolutionary solution for culturing mature, contractile muscle tissue. This system not only offers the capability to study the functioning of (heart) muscle tissue, but also provides a platform for testing the efficacy of new drugs, thanks to the microfluidic channel


Discover the versatility of the Bi/ond organ-on-chip platform with the inCHIPit™ and comPLATE™. Create a human-derived research model that mirrors the organ of your choice like never before

Tumor tissue

Transform your cancer research with the innovative inCHIPit™ and comPLATE™ combination. Create a fully tumor-derived model that mimics the original tumor and get one step closer to unlocking the underlying mechanisms of cancer

Supporting biomedical research and industry leaders

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