A smart well-plate to nourish, stimulate and monitor COMPLEX 3D TISSUES. Meet inCHIPit™ and comPLATE™.

Our system consists of six microfluidic chips inserted on a six-well plate, designed for a seamless fit.


The inCHIPit™ is composed of an open well connected to a microfluidic channel through a porous membrane.

The open well accommodates a wide variety of tissue sample types (microtissues, organoids, patient-derived samples, cell monolayers), providing biologists with direct access to the cell culture.

In the bottom compartment, single or multiple micro-channels are positioned to provide oxygen and nutrients to the tissues. You can choose between two chip types depending on the organ or tissue. The chip can deform tissues with in vivo likeness, and it is optically transparent for imaging.

In a few words: It`s all about providing you with versatility


The comPLATE™ is compact, reusable and requires minimum training, and it is fully compatible with any perfusion systems.

One plate with many functionalities thanks to its plug and play modules: supports cells and 3D tissue cultures, single or double perfusion, mechanical stimulation and imaging.

Gradually add functionalities according to your experience and requirements. The product evolves with you. The comPLATE™ allows you to easily inject cells in the microfluidic channel and the open well of the inCHIPit™ via standard pipetting, without the formation of undesired bubbles.

The plate allows you to perform process analysis (cell morphology, viability, medium analysis) and end assays (histology, qPCR, protein analysis, fixed cells, staining).

How to assemble the system

When you buy the inCHIPit™ and the comPLATE™, you are not only buying a product, you are adding an engineer to your team.

Our technical team is here to help you!


dr. Nikolas Gaio


dr. William F. Q. Solano


Amr Othman


Tech Specs

  • Compatible with microscope
  • With a single injection of cell you can cover every inner wall of the microfluidic channel
  • Fully compatible with your pneumatic systems (pressure and syringe pumps)
  • Reusable
  • Autoclavable
  • Modular approach to evolve with your experience
  • Ideal for ex vivo tissues, organoids, microtissues
  • It ensures refreshing the medium providing nutrition and oxygenation
  • Ideal for tissue-tissue interface models.
  • Exceptional control of the dynamic flow conditions.
  • Optimal for studying mechanical strain

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