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Innovation at the forefront of cell biology: cutting-edge organ cell on-a-chip environments for researchers that demand nothing
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inCHIPit™ - human on a chip technology at your fingertips

Revolutionize biomedical cell research with inCHIPit. This versatile organ-on-chip device with an open well and 1 or 3 perfusable channels supports all tissue types, from cell monolayers to microtissues as well as organoids, to suit your research needs.

human on a chip technology

MUSbit™ - develop human chip models for your muscle cell assays

Unlock new possibilities in muscle research with MUSbit™, the only vascularized muscle-on-chip! Perfect for studying muscle physiology, skeletal diseases, and the effects of drug candidates on (heart) muscle.

cell on a chip

comPLATE™ - experience cell nourishing and cell monitoring in a device that fits your hand

Effortlessly control our microchips with comPLATE™. Streamlines research and fully supports the different functionalities of inCHIPit™ and MUSbit™.

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