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Bi/ond is a fresh, international and innovative biotech start-up that helps to develop INCLUSIVE and PRECISE cures for all by engineering microchips that mimic a human body. Bi/ond developed a computer chip where biologists can insert human cells. Like the human body, the chip nourishes, stimulates, and monitors those cells, thanks to an artificial blood vessel and sensors in it. This technology can be used to test and develop new drugs and to reduce animal testing in pharma R&D.

Does it sound like you want to be part of our unique mission?

Join the multidisciplinary environment and be part of an international team where we encourage personal and professional growth and where you will be rewarded for your performance and results.

We’re always looking for ways to grow our brilliant team. If you’re passionate about making the world a more inclusive place, check out the current job openings below. 

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Meet our CEO Cinzia Silvestri and learn more about our mission

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Working at Bi/ond

Diversity and inclusion from the office to the final user. Our team currently speaks more than five languages and has a background in biology, engineering, marketing, and finance. We work daily to make sure everyone can share their skills with the rest because a team’s expertise is greater than just the sum of its parts. 

We listen, we empathize, we engage and then we solve problems together. Help us in improving medical treatment by developing advanced hardware solutions that reflect our natural diversity. Join us!

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