Bi/ond Logo - Nourishing, Stimulating and Monitoring Cells



Bi/ond Logo - Nourishing, Stimulating and Monitoring Cells

Revolutionary cell research technology from Bi/ond

Empowering biological innovation by engineering microchips through nourishing, stimulating and monitoring cells

We are all different in unique ways, yet modern treatments ignore individuals’ genetic variations.
Bi/ond aims at improving medical treatment of millions of patients by providing innovative hardware solutions for enabling biomedical research, which reflects our natural diversity.

Organ on chip solutions, cell research technology at your fingertips

The organ on chip microchips built by Bi/ond recreate key aspects of human organs, such as the beating of a heart, tissue interactions and blood circulation.

Products to advance on your cell research

Cutting-edge cell environments for biologists that demand nothing less than the best from our product and our team.

chip technology
Scientist operating COMplate from Bi/ond

Complex 3D Tissue Applications

We develop a versatile organ-on-chip platform meant for complex 3D tissue (organoids, ex vivo tissue, spheroids, microtissues) cultivation as well as tissue-tissue interface models.

About Bi/ond

We build a bridge between biology and engineering, expanding the potential of microelectronics.

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